organic extra virgin olive oil

Five itchy questions about virgin olive oil- Answered

There are countless questions that people want to ask about olive oil. If you are one of them and are looking for answers, then start here. When it comes to the authenticity, benefits, pricing, uses of olive oil, don’t compromise with just anything. Get to the core of the problem to get the answers.

Since olive oil is called a secret ingredient, people always remain curious about something or the other. Questions like, does it contain carotene, how many types of olive oil can be found, which color olive oil is best to choose, etc. All these unanswered questions have a direct link to people wanting to buy quality olive oil. To help you find your pure bottle of organic extra virgin olive oil, take a look at these answers.

organic extra virgin olive oil

  1. Does it contain natural antioxidants?

 It does, but the formula for producing better quality, antioxidant-rich olive oil is quite the opposite. You cannot produce authentic oil with ripe olives; unripe olives are ideal for producing an enhanced quality olive oil

  1. How can we preserve extra virgin olive oil?

The ideal temperature to preserve a bottle of olive oil is around 15° C. Also, we suggest you use a clean and dark glass bottle to preserve olive oil. Due to being rich in antioxidants, the oil will instantly react to a strong-smelling substance, like a paint bottle, detergent cans, and so on. Keep the oil away from these things into a dry, and safe place for longer shelve life.

  1. Is green olive oil is better than yellow olive oil? organic fact

Color of the olive oil can tell a lot about its authenticity and nature. The shade of the olive oil ranges from green to yellow. Green oil indicates that the oil is rich in chlorophyll and yellow oil is often richer in antioxidants. However, color doesn’t degrade or changes the authenticity of olive oil.

  1. Why does olive oil give tingly after-taste?

When the olives are recently pressed and are high in acidity, you will get a different tingle after-taste. However, one simple thing to understand is that, the higher the acidity in olive oil, the lower it will be in quality. So, considering the purchase after the taste test might be a good idea. Wrong techniques while harvesting and processing increase the acidity of the oil.

  1. Is olive oil more digestible than seed oil?

Especially organic extra virgin olive oil has high digestibility factors and is comparatively higher than any seed oil, butter, or animal fat. This is why olive oil is also used as an ingredient for babies.

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