5 Ways to Know Your Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil Better!

Olive oil is a trend that has gradually crawled up the epitome of publicity mainly because of its health benefits and distinct flavor. Segregated into several varieties, the organic version is the purest of all. However, consumers are often not sure of its exclusive facts and benefits. Know it here.

The topmost and purest variety of olive oil is the organic extra virgin olive oil, renowned for delivering the best taste and health benefits for the entire family. Though quite a popular trend since quite a while, consumers are not yet sure of the term “organic extra virgin”. Neither are they certain of how this variety is produced and consumed.

We have enlisted some of the facts about the organic extra virgin olive oil, get enlightened:

Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil is nothing but the freshly extracted Olive fruit juice

Produced very simply, the organic extra virgin olive oil is made by simply grinding the olives into a paste and by pressing or spinning the paste to extract the liquid from the olives. The paste has two parts – one is water, and another is pure oil. There’s no further refining or processing that’s done to the oil.

Color and flavor are distinctly different

Since the oil really is just a fresh fruit juice with no processing involved, the characteristics of the oil – including the color and taste –  is highly affected by the characteristics of the olives it’s made from. Each breed or varietal of olive has a unique taste and color, just like each type of apple tastes slightly different.

Clear is normal, so is the cloudy version

After an Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil is produced, it may be filtered to create a final clear oil. When it is extracted and stored directly from the olive press, it is cloudy and opaque, due to many micro-olive particles in the oil.

Light, heat and air might damage the purity

There are three main things that can damage olive oil – light, heat and air. When exposed to any of these things, the oil will begin to oxidize and will develop and off-color and flavor.

Pricey, and justifiably so

Extra Virgin Olive Oil, in general, is a higher cost olive oil because it’s a fresh press, high quality grade. The price might go up if you are paying for the paperwork. And of course, the payment for the organic growing process itself takes much effort, and hence is expensive.

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