Ben Romdhane Fafani Foods

About the Fafani Family

We are delighted to bring three generations of family recipes to your table. Fafani, the matriarch of our family, was famous for her homemade Harissa, a staple of Tunisian cuisine. She cooked using only the purest ingredients cultivated on our family’s vegetable farm. As a child, Fafani sparked my passion for food which I have carried throughout my life spending most of my adult life working as a chef. My long time passion has been to bring these homey flavors of Tunisia, the missing piece of the mediterranean cuisine, to the masses.

In Tunisia food is locally sustained, all our products are produced in an "old world" style prolonged by family traditions that have endured throughout the past century. Tunisia is a cultural melting pot incorporating spanish, french, middle eastern, jewish, and berber cuisine.

Living in the states for the past 20 years I had to have my favorite Tunisian foods, and spices brought to me directly from my family when they come to visit. My dream is to be able share the unique flavors of the Tunisian/Mediterranean through the US marketplace.

Ben Romdhane
Founder of Fafani Foods